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How Your Random Facebook Friends Can Help You Land Your Dream Job

Networking on Facebook


When you think of how many Facebook friends you’ve accrued over the years, your head probably spins. Many of them are random people you met briefly or never officially met at all. There’s the fiancée of the groom’s cousin you chatted with at that wedding last summer (she’s a lab technician or something, right?). And that friend of a former colleague who added you years ago out of the blue–someone you’ve never been in the same room with but who’s always leaving cheerful comments on your Facebook posts.

These might not seem like the kinds of people who will be remotely helpful in advancing your career, but they can be. The secret to developing a great career in marketing, for example, isn’t just to know a ton of well-connected marketers. All you really need is to be introduced to a select few of them, right?

And one of the best ways to make that happen is to start connecting with the people you already know, regardless of their industry or the nature of your connection to them. Here’s how.


It all starts with a very simple step: Do a systematic inventory of everyone you’re connected with on Facebook. Take a few spare hours over the next few afternoons this week and go through everyone–with Facebook open in a browser window and a spreadsheet open in another. As you scroll through your connections, start a running list with a few simple fields:

  • name
  • employer
  • where they’re living
  • what they’re doing

Spend a moment or two scanning each person’s profile page, but don’t necessarily add everyone to your list–only those who are doing something 

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